How do I block a user from accessing my mod pages?

Mod authors are able to restrict access to their mod pages for individual users who they find to be in violation of our general terms of service. Note that this functionality is only available if said user has commented on a given mod page. We encourage authors to use this tool in combination with filing a report with our moderation team, if necessary.

In order to block a user from your content, select "From this Mod" (to block their access to the current mod page) or, respectively, "From all of my contents" (to block them from all your mod pages).

Users you have blocked this way will be unable to access your mod page(s) indefinitely, or until you decide to unblock them.

To view a list of users you have blocked from accessing all or some of your content: 

  • navigate to your user preferences (via the cog icon next to your avatar in the top right)
  • click on the rider labelled "Content Blocking"
  • scroll to the bottom to view a list of users you are currently blocking from your mod pages (Note: this list will not be displayed if you are not currently blocking any users)

The "unblock" button on the right will instantly lift the block and allow the specified user to access your mod page(s) again.