How can I add a new game to Nexus Mods?

We have a system in place so users on Nexus Mods can request the addition of a new game entry to the site in order to help grow our modding community. If you would like to upload a mod for a game we do not yet host, you can still go through the mod upload process as usual and request the new game to be added. 

Step 1: Add a mod

Step 2: Type in the name of the game

Unless you are accessing the "Add a mod" page from a specific game section (e.g. Skyrim), you will need to type in the name of the game your mod is for. Please make sure the game you are trying to find is not already available on our site by trying alternative spellings (e.g. try "Monster Hunter: World" which is the official title that we, therefore, use on the site, rather than "Monster Hunter World").

If you cannot find the game your mod is for, click the "ADD NEW GAME" button that will appear to proceed with sending a request to have the game added to the site.

Step 3: Send a request for the new game to be added

Next, type in the name of the game your mod is for. We ask users to use the official title of said game e.g. "X4: Foundations" rather than "x4" or "X4 - Foundations" if possible.

Once you are done typing in the name of the game, hit the "ADD GAME" button. This will send a request to our team who will then look into approving the newly requested game entry as soon as possible. After that, you can proceed with going through the mod upload process as usual, adding your files, description, etc. 

What are the criteria we use to decide whether to approve a game? / Why is the game I requested not being approved?

Our team considers a few criteria regarding the mod(s) added for a new game when it comes to deciding whether to approve the game entry at a given point in time or not:

  • If the uploader is not the same as the specified author of a given mod, we usually contact the uploader to verify that the mod has been uploaded with permission from the original author. Please check your inbox for a related message from staff.
  • We will only approve a new game entry if it has "ready" mods added for it i.e. mods that are ready to be downloaded and used with the given game and which conform to our File Submission Guidelines.
  • We will only approve a new game entry if we do not already host it and if it is a legitimate standalone title. This excludes DLC for other titles, as well as e.g. total conversion mods of existing games etc.

If you believe that the mods you have added for a new game entry conform to the criteria laid out above, and it has been more than seven business days since your request, feel free to send an email to highlighting your request. Our team will then look into it as soon as possible.