I have reached a daily or hourly limit / API requests have been consumed / Rate Limit Exceeded - What does this mean?

What is rate limiting?

As a security measure, we limit user requests to our public API to a reasonable limit.

The limit is 2,500 requests per 24h period, and once that limit has been reached 100 requests per hour

To put this into perspective, Vortex consumes 3 requests per mod download (Nexus Mod Manager currently consumes twice as many per mod download) meaning you could, in theory, download up to 833 mods via Vortex (or 416 via Nexus Mod Manager) before reaching the 2,500 request limit.

After that, you will then be limited to 100 requests per hour (around 33 mod downloads per hour via Vortex). Once you reach this hourly limit, you will be presented with a warning message upon making your 101st request:

Rate Limiting Error/Warning Message in Vortex

Rate Limiting Error/Warning Message in Nexus Mod Manager

Rate Limiting Error/Warning message in Mod Organiser

What can I do once I have reached the rate limit?

Once you have reached your limit - that is both the 2,500 request limit per 24h as well as the hourly 100 requests limit - you will be unable to make any more requests (such as mod downloads, mod update queries etc.) for the designated time frame (within the same hour). Please note that this measure is in place to protect our server infrastructure and maintain our site's functionality for all our users.

When you have been rate limited you will then simply have to wait until you can make further requests to our API.

I have been rate limited and I have not downloaded anywhere close to 400 or 800 mods in a 24h period. What is going on?

If you have been rate limited, it is because you have exceeded our daily and hourly request limit. Note that mod downloads are just one way of making requests to our API. Other ways of making requests include e.g. querying mod updates or mod information via a mod manager or other applications referencing our API.

Please ensure that your mod manager is up to date to rule out the possibility of outdated software erroneously making an extraordinary amount of requests, which would lead to you being rate limited.