Diagnostics & Usage data (Vortex)

Our mod manager, Vortex, gives users the option to send diagnostics and usage data to our team in order to help us improve our users' modding experience. Data is only collected and sent with the express permission of each user, and not before they have clicked to allow this data to be collected and submitted.

You can change your mind at any time and opt in or out by going to your user Settings > Vortex > "Diagnostics and usage data" and toggling said option on/off:

Why are we collecting diagnostic and usage data from those who opt in?

By providing us with diagnostics and usage data in Vortex, you are helping us improve the modding experience as it will highlight areas of the app that users are using frequently, or are either confused by or don't use very often at all. With this information we will then be able to draw a much clearer picture of our users' needs especially when it comes to us tweaking and even redesigning the app. Ultimately, this data and the insights provided by it will go a long way in improving our development processes and us providing you with the best user experience possible.

What data are we collecting from those who opt in?

The data that is collected and sent is anonymous user data such as in-app pageviews, so for example when you click to view the mods tab, that action is registered, tracked, and sent to our analytics platform (Google Analytics). That way we get an overview of how much a given "page" or screen (mods tab, plugins tab, save game tab, the settings etc.) is viewed by users, and how they tend to navigate between them.

The data collected and sent to our team is completely anonymous. No personally Identifiable information (PII) is collected or sent. Your screen is not being recorded, nor does this collect any data on what mods you are using.