Donation Options & Guidelines

Mod authors and other contributors are the life-blood of our community. To that end, we are happy to offer and support various methods for our users to donate and show support for their efforts. Participation with these systems is, of course, completely voluntary. 

Built-In Donation Options

On our sites, users are able to link their PayPal address in their user profile, enabling other users to make donations in order to show their appreciation. Alternatively, we allow for users to donate Premium membership on our sites (either lifetime membership, or one/several months) to other users. 

Lastly, users can partake in our Donation Points system, allowing them to earn points based on the unique downloads they accumulate with their mods, which they can, in turn, redeem in our store.

Accepting donations on our sites is opt-in as either option needs to be enabled in your user preferences:

Additional Donation Options

Users are encouraged to contribute to our Mod Author Donation Fund via Patreon. This is a fund meant to supplement our own contributions to the Donation Points system, which will be paid out to all the mod authors who have opted into the system at the end of the respective Donation Point reporting cycle.

We further allow for users to tactfully reference/link to external donation services (e.g. Patreon) themselves, as long as no money is charged for files, updates, or modding related assistance, and no discussion of direct monetisation of mod files and/or updates is taking place.

Non-Solicitation Rules

Donations in any form are classed as voluntary monetary transactions that yield no gain for the donator. Requesting or offering donations in exchange for any content or service will be considered solicitation and is therefore strictly prohibited. Withholding or implying any service or creation of content in relation to any donation activity (e.g. reward goals/tiers) is also prohibited.

Donations should only ever be offered as a way of thanking other users for their contributions to our community:

  • Do not solicit or request donations in exchange for files, updates, or assistance.
  • Do not overtly or covertly hint at the possibility of further development of your files in exchange for donations.
  • Do not attempt to advertise the donation options in an exaggerated fashion or otherwise include excessive usage of donation reminders in your files and/or file page descriptions.
  • Do not offer donations in exchange for files, updates, or assistance.
  • Do not link to external sites where monetisation of mods or modding related assistance is discussed e.g. “stretch goals” i.e. “If I reach $100 in donations I will update my mod.”
  • Do not offer early/beta access to files/services in exchange for donations

We allow for tactful discussion of donations, such as simple reminders of the donation options. In ambiguous cases, staff reserve the final say in what constitutes an appropriate discussion of donations.

We further reserve the right to make edits to comments, posts and file descriptions at our discretion should users be found to act in violation of the aforementioned. Administrative action may follow in cases where we deem it necessary.