What does "Blocked Interactions" mean?

Users may encounter a message explaining that their ability to interact with that page has been blocked when viewing a mod page. This is either the result of a block applied by the mod author, a team member or a Nexus Mods Moderator. 

What does "Blocked Interactions" mean? 

This message means that your account is no longer allowed to interact with the mod page. You will be unable to comment, create a bug report, add an image or video to the mod page or comment on any articles. However, this block does not prevent you from viewing the page or downloading any files

Why have I been blocked?

If the mod author (or a team member) blocked you, it would most likely have been in reaction to a recent comment, bug report or other interaction with the page. The mod authors have the autonomy to restrict users from interacting with their page based on what they feel is not appropriate conduct on their page. There may be rules listed in the comments section for particular topics that are not tolerated. 

If the block has been put in place by one of our Community Moderators, you will have received a warning with details of why the restriction was required. You can view your moderation history for more information. 

How can I get unblocked?

If you are unsure why you were blocked or would like to appeal the restriction, you can reach out in Private Messages to the mod author or a team member to politely discuss the issue. Please be aware that any abuse directed at another user may result in site-wide restrictions against your account. Attempting to evade these restrictions will be considered a breach of our rules and may result in a permanent ban from our community. 

The Nexus Mods Moderation Team cannot assist with these cases, so please do not message our staff to get unblocked.