Forum and Commenting Guidelines

To ensure that everyone on Nexus Mods is able to have an enjoyable and productive experience when using our services, we ask our members to pay attention to the guidelines described below. Comments and forum posts that are disruptive and do not adhere to these standards may be subject to administrative action as laid out in our Moderation Policy.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy policy apply both to your interactions with other users (topics, posts, comments) and content you display about yourself on our services (avatar, signature, profile page).

Be Civil!

We do not tolerate 'trolling' or harassment of any kind. Do not belittle, discredit, or aggressively criticise another member or their content. If you do not like something or have nothing constructive to add, it's best to simply move along.

Content that can be construed as provocative, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive toward any real-world individual or group, may be subject to moderation. This includes but is not limited to content involving politics, race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, or social class.

  • Do not post with the intent of provoking an angry response or argument over a topic (“flame baiting”).
  • Do not post personally or generally insulting remarks towards someone else, or a group of people.

Submitted comments and forum posts must adhere to our Adult Content Guidelines.

No profanity. It is perfectly possible to express yourself using civil language. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filter.

Content that enables or promotes or violation of Nexus Mods Policies and Guidelines, illegal activity, including software piracy, is strictly prohibited.

If you share content hosted on websites that display adult content, these sites must have “age gates” where others would not immediately be exposed to the content if the link is clicked on. This rule is strictly enforced outside of pages of our own site marked as Adult Content.

Within this community, you are not inherently entitled to another's time, work, or creations. Comments or posts that imply otherwise may be subject to moderation.

Please be considerate in regards to "spoilers" in current popular media. Appropriately label or hide information that could potentially ruin someone's experience.

Be Relevant!

Please stay on topic. File comments should pertain to the file. Forum posts should pertain to the topic brought up in the original post.

No irrelevant advertising. No soliciting.

Do not spam. Do not post repeatedly. Do not post nonsense.

Do not "bump" forum threads or comments without any meaningful contribution. Similarly, if a thread has had no reply for a long period, it is better to create a new topic.

Do not intentionally post false, inaccurate, or misleading information in order to harm or disparage another member or creation.

Though we welcome all nationalities, all posts and comments should be written in English if possible. Please feel free to use a translation service, if desired and/or required.

Consider avoiding the use of potentially confusing sarcasm.

Forum signatures should be kept concise and tactful. Avoid choosing a signature that may contain excessive animation or that exceeds 8 standard lines in length.

Enjoy Yourself!

Make friends, contribute, have a laugh, and maybe even learn something! If this is your first time here, feel free to stop by our "Newbies" forum. It's a great place to say "Hi" and meet fellow members.

Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion, but remember that you are not entitled to a response.

Excessively aggressive behaviour is prohibited. If you're feeling angry, combative, or not having fun in general, it's best to simply not participate and take a break.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

You are encouraged to report content that may violate the standards described in this document. For more information, see our Reporting Guidelines. Public accusations made outside of the reporting systems may be subject to moderation.

Attempting to enforce our site policies yourself through “vigilante” behaviour is prohibited. If you feel our staff are not moderating an issue correctly, refer to Complaints Regarding Moderation in our Moderation Policy.

If you come across content that is violating our rules, we encourage you to make use of the “Report” function that can be accessed via the corresponding button. We ask you to not, however, report content because it does not adhere to your personal standards, as we will only take action if the content is found to be in violation of our site rules. If you encounter content that you find objectionable or no longer wish to see, please consider using our various blocking tools. Excessive and/or continuous disparagement of content based on your subjective standards is not conducive to a healthy community and as such will be subject to moderation.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please visit our Help Center or contact