Adult Content Guidelines

Adult Content Classifications
A Visual Guide to Nudity related Restrictions
Sexualised Content
Managing Adult Content
Moderation and Reporting

Nexus Mods aims to ensure that our community not only has access to the content they want but also the choice to see only the types of content they wish to see. To that end, we rely on author's discretion, community feedback, and moderator enforcement to ensure user-submitted content complies with our various content filtering systems.

This document describes our standards and systems in regards to management and distribution of user-submitted content that may be inappropriate for minors, which is referred to as "adult content". Such content must be marked accordingly by utilising the appropriate tools as described below. It is the responsibility of the uploader to tag and/or classify their files appropriately.

Adult Content Classifications

By definition, adult content is content (images, mods, and text) that is considered unsuitable for minors and/or unsuitable for being used/viewed at work (aka NSFW content). Due to cultural differences, the acceptability of the same content may differ from country to country and for this reason, we provide the following definitions to reduce ambiguity as much as possible. Though these guidelines are intended to describe acceptable submissions of adult content, we reserve the right to remove and/or stop distributing content that we may feel is inappropriate for our audience at any time.

Within the context of our sites we differentiate between the following types of adult-themed content:

  • Depictions of extreme violence and/or gore (Extreme violence/gore)
  • Nudity
  • Characters dressed in excessively revealing outfits (Skimpy outfits)
  • Sexualised imagery or depictions featuring or implying sexual acts (Sexualised content)
  • Swearing, cursing, or similar utilisation of language unsuitable for minors (Swearing/profanity)

Any files or images containing such content need to be appropriately tagged:

However, please note that a different standard applies to the regular image share: Any content that includes nudity, excessively revealing outfits, or implications of sexual acts is not acceptable in the regular image share whatsoever. Such content can only be uploaded to either the supporter image share (and then needs to be tagged appropriately) or as part of an appropriately tagged mod.

A Visual Guide to Nudity related Restrictions

  • Images that expose the areas covered by the red areas are only acceptable in the supporter image share or as user-uploaded images on mod files so long as the appropriate adult tag is utilised.
  • Coverings appropriately sized for certain depicted body shapes may not be appropriate for others. This means that if you resize a body part covered by a red area, the coverage to be provided will also have to be proportionally adjusted.
  • For the purpose of these guidelines, any in-game depiction of humanoid creatures ("beast races") that normally wear clothes will be considered human and are subject to the same restrictions in terms of adult content standards.
  • Statues, sculptures, or similar adaptations of the human form as well as disembodied human parts fall under the same guidelines and need to be appropriately covered.
  • Imagery featuring transparent/translucent, skin-tight, or otherwise revealing clothing that can be perceived as accentuating (e.g. genitalia or secondary sex characteristics) is considered “nudity” and is therefore only acceptable in the supporter image share, or as part of a mod - if tagged appropriately. Examples may include but are not limited to: strap/bondage outfits, micro/slingshot bikinis, pasties, body-paint, etc.

Uploading contributions (such as images or videos) that qualify as adult content to a mod that has not been tagged appropriately is prohibited.

Sexualised Content

Within the context of our services, we characterise “sexualised content” as content directly or implicitly portraying sexual acts, as well as content depicting items usually associated with sexual activity:

  • Explicit sexual content depicting or describing the stimulation of sexual organs, sexual penetration or ejaculate.
  • Implicit sexualisation e.g. characters positioned in sexually suggestive poses.
  • Depictions of e.g. sex toys, fetish attire, preservatives, or other items typically associated with sexual activity.

Sexualised content is strictly prohibited in the regular image share. Any such content needs to be tagged appropriately and is only then allowed in either the supporter image share or as part of an adult mod page.

Managing Adult Content

By default, files, images, and videos that have been classified as adult content are not available to new Nexus Mods accounts. To gain access to adult files and images, users are required to opt-in by disabling the adult content filter in their user preferences:

By opting to unblock adult content as part of your profile settings, you agree that you are 18 or older and are lawfully allowed to view sexual and other adult material in accordance with your local authorities. Additionally, you are acknowledging that you may encounter content that some may find objectionable or offensive.

This setting can be changed at any time by accessing the 'Preferences' options of your profile settings. More information about accessing your profile settings can be found here: How do I access my account settings and preferences. There, you will find options to hide or show adult content. If there is additional content that you would like to avoid, additional tools can be found by accessing the 'Content Blocking' tab of your profile settings.

Moderation and Reporting

User submitted content that does not adhere to the standards described in this document may be subject to moderation and administrative action as described in our Moderation Policy.

Users are encouraged to report content that may violate the standards described in this document. For more information, see our Reporting Guidelines. Public accusations are not helpful and may be subject to moderation - please, make use of our reporting feature to inform staff of possible guideline violations instead.

If you encounter content that you find objectionable or no longer wish to see, please consider using our various blocking tools. Excessive or continuous public disparagement of content will be considered harassment and may be subject to moderation.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please visit our Help Center or contact