How can I change my username?

It is possible to request a username change on our services, however, this is a manual process for our staff so we ask that this request is made only once per account. Approval will be at the staff's discretion. 


Due to the involved process for our staff, we will only be able to consider changing your username if your account meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • You are a Premium member
  • You are a Supporter
  • You are a Mod Author
  • You have actively contributed to our community*

*This is the case whereby if you have only used with our services to download mods and never commented, endorsed or otherwise contributed to our community it is unlikely we will agree to change your username.

In the case you feel we will not be able to accept your request, you can always manually delete your account and re-register under a new name in order to have a new username. (See: How can I delete my account?)

To make your request, please follow submit your request to following the format below providing at least three valid usernames in case your desired username is already taken.

Which characters can I use in my username? 

Usernames must be alphanumeric, meaning they can only contain letters from the ISO basic Latin alphabet and/or numbers. You can no longer include spaces, dashes/hyphens, accented characters or any other symbols. You can use this link to start writing an email with the template pre-populated. 

Subject: Name change request

My current username: 

My desired username: Alternative1, Alternative2, Alternative3

Reason for change: 

I have uploaded mods and would like the author name updated: Yes/No

Will my previous username be forgotten?

For transparency, your account moderation history will be updated with your previous username. This is only visible to the moderation team and used in cases where a user may have changed their name since the reported event took place. 

The old username will be available again for new users to register with. If you try to change your username back and another user has since registered with it, we won't be able to complete the request. 

Why do my mods still show my old username?

Due to how our mod database currently works, the name on your existing mods may not update when changing your username. Please notify a moderator or Community Manager, including URLs for each file, who will be able to update these.

Note: It is a one-by-one manual process, so may take some time if you have a lot of mods. In some cases, we may not be able to manually update all your mods.