How can I delete my account?

Account deletion is a process that removes your profile information from our user database. When deleting your account, your username, associated email address, and other personally identifiable information are purged from our user database. Other information associated with the account may be retained about you for the activities described in the Privacy Policy, or as permitted or required by applicable law. When this process is complete, you will permanently lose access to the account. Any memberships rights (Premium, Supporter) will be terminated at this time, including 'Mod Author' status and any associated entitlements related to 'Donation Points'.
As the results of the deletion process are permanent, it's important to know that you are responsible for removing/archiving content that you may have submitted during the use of our services before removing your account. You may lose control of this content if you fail to do so. More information about removing/archiving submitted content can be found here:  Editing and Removing Content

If you have a Premium membership, please ensure you cancel it before deleting your account. Once your account is removed we will not be able to link your purchase to an account to issue any refunds. More information can be found here:   How do I cancel or request a refund for Premium Membership?

The process to delete your account can be started by accessing your settings. In the Security tab, you will find a button labelled 'Delete your account'. Clicking this will begin the process which must be confirmed (including  Two-Factor Authentication if enabled) before the account will be removed.