How do I edit or remove content that I've submitted?

Comments, forum posts, files, images, and videos that you submit to our services can be changed or edited at any time by active users. The information below provides brief details about how to access the tools which allow you to do so.

To manage the content you've submitted to our services, start by clicking the cog/gear located at the top-right section of the website:

There, you will find the appropriate tools to manage your content.

Files, Images, and Videos

Each submission you make to the files, images, or videos sections of our services can be archived/removed or edited. In your user settings, under the appropriate tabs, you can access your files, images, and videos.

There, under each appropriate tab, you will find a listing of each submission you've made to that area. The appropriate options to edit or delete can be found associated with each entry.

Comments and Forum Posts

Each submission you make to our forums or the comments section of a file may be edited at any time by an active user. 

By accessing your forum profile from your user settings, select 'My Content' from your forum profile menu:

There, you will find a list of your comments and forum posts. Each can be edited by individually viewing an individual entry and using the appropriate tools to edit each. 


Concerns and requests to delete content may be submitted via the 'Contact Us' form found at the bottom of our websites, or directly here:Ā§ion=new

Alternatively, concerns and requests can be sent via email to

Account Deletion

Apart from archiving/removing content, you may request to have your account removed from our services at any time. However, it's important to remember that you are responsible for archiving/removing your content before doing so. More information about Account Deletion can be found here: