What can I do if my account has been banned?

Violations of our policies and guidelines may result in account suspension. This means that your account will be unable to access the Nexus Mods website or use any applications that rely on it. A full ban from the community is usually issued for serious or repeated breaches of our rules, but can also be used for additional reasons such as spam prevention. In most cases, the reason for a ban will be publicly visible in the Formal Warnings and Bans section of the forums. 

Before appealing your ban

  • Creating another account to bypass the ban will void any appeal and may include an IP ban. 
  • Ensure you have understood the reason for the ban. 
  • Read through our Terms of Service and fully understand the rules we have.
  • Appeals are only appropriate if believe you have learnt from your mistake and are writing a genuine apology for your actions. Defending your behaviour or using "whataboutisms" to justify it will result in the appeal being rejected or ignored. 
  • Our staff will briefly triage your appeal, but may not act on it for 1-2 weeks after it has been received. Please be patient and do not repeatedly contact our moderators or Community Managers for an update.  
  • When writing your appeal, be aware of the language you are using. Appeals that contain abusive language or excessive profanity will almost certainly be rejected.
  • Your appeal will be a single opportunity to request an unban. Make sure you include all relevant information as it is unlikely you will be able to appeal again if the first attempt is rejected. 

How to submit a ban appeal

Ban appeals are submitted by emailing them to support@nexusmods.com. Ensure you are contacting us from the email address associated with your account so we can identify the account you're referring to.

Piracy ban appeals

As noted in our Terms of Service, we have a strict anti-piracy policy and will suspend the accounts of anyone who we have reasonable grounds to believe is using pirated games or software. Appeals for this type of ban will be automatically accepted provided you can prove you own a legal copy of the game or software you were banned for pirating. You can also purchase a legal copy after the ban took place. Be sure to include an invoice showing the purchase in your ban appeal when emailing support@nexusmods.com. For Steam Games, you can prove ownership of a game by including a link to your Steam profile after doing the following:

  • Log in to Steam and open your settings page.
  • Make your Steam profile public.
  • Make your games list public.
  • Edit the General section of your profile and add your Nexus Mods username to the summary.
  • Click "Back to your profile" in the top-right of the page and copy the link to your profile.

Chargeback ban appeals

If you have cancelled a Premium membership and instructed your payment provider to issue a chargeback it is standard procedure for your account to be automatically banned. If you would like to request a refund, please consult our Refund Policy and contact us if you are eligible. Chargebacks against Nexus Mods incur significant penalties at our payment providers, however, if you have made a genuine mistake please email us explaining the situation and - in most cases - we'll remove the ban on your account. 

Help, I was banned by mistake!

If you believe your ban was in error and a moderator has made a mistake then use this appeal process to argue your case. Explain everything in as much detail as possible providing proof if necessary. In the event that we agree with your assessment of the situation, your unban appeal will be handled as quickly as possible. 

I didn't get any reply to my appeal

In some rare cases, you may not get any reply to your appeal. This can be for a number of reasons, so please check the following before contacting us again:
  • Has it been at least 2 weeks since the appeal was sent? If our Community Managers are tied up with other priorities your appeal may still be waiting in the queue. 
  • Did you send the email to the correct email address? Check the original email and ensure that you spelt the email address properly. 
  • Did you email us from "private mode"? Some email providers offer a "private mode" feature that obscures your email address and prevents us from replying. Make sure that feature is disabled when contacting us. 
  • Did you receive any automated response? All emails received in our support inbox will be sent an automatic reply which includes answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you did not receive this, your email provider may be blocking our emails. Please see this article for help. 
  • Was your original appeal abusive? If your appeal contains excessive profanity or toxic language (i.e. "Go kill yourself"), our staff will ignore it. 

After checking the points above, feel free to contact us again.

My appeal was declined, what happens now?

Depending on the response to your appeal, you might be able to re-submit the appeal after a suitable amount of time has passed. If this is not the case, you are no longer welcome in our community and should allow at least 1 year before contacting us regarding your appeal again.