I am not receiving emails from Nexus Mods. What can I do?

There are certain situations where you will be required to receive an email from Nexus Mods in order to use a particular feature of our website and services. This includes validation of your email address on first registering, reactivating your account after a period of inactivity and resettings a forgotten password.

In the unlikely event you do not receive these emails, you can follow the troubleshooting listed in this article. 

1. Verify your email address is correct

The top causes of not receiving emails are spelling your email address wrong or the account being linked to a different email address.

In the case of a misspelt email account, if this is your first time registering on the site, you will not be able to create an account with an invalid email. For existing accounts please see our Account Recovery guidance.  

Additionally, as it is common to forget, please ensure you have checked your other email accounts before reporting an issue. If you are not a Supporter or Premium member we will not be able to validate your ownership of the account without access to its email address.

2. Check your spam/junk folder

Some email providers falsely flag our messages as spam and will direct them away from your main inbox. Please check your spam folder and any other folders controlled by rules in your inbox. The best way to do this is often to log in to your email account through your provider's website rather than using an email client. An example of this is Google Mail accounts often filter our emails into the "Updates" folder. Once you have located the email, either drag it to the main inbox or set a rule to direct it properly.

3. Add the Nexus Mods email addresses to your email contacts

One of the easiest ways to prevent our messages from being filtered out by your account is to add the email addresses we will use to your contacts or "safe senders" lists. The possible email addresses are as follows:

  • For support, general enquiries and 2-factor authentication: support@nexusmods.com
  • For registration and forum related notifications: noreply@nexusmods.com

For additional advice on whitelisting emails, see this helpful article.

4. Outlook, Hotmail, and other Microsoft email services

Unfortunately, the web-based interface for these services may not initially show emails that come from Nexus Mods. So that you are able to see the email with these services, please ensure that you review the list of recent emails shown in the "other" list as seen here: