I'm getting an error when logging in. What can I do?

When attempting to log in to Nexus Mods, some users may encounter the error message shown below. This is, more often than not, down to an over-zealous addon or privacy setting preventing the site from working as intended. Before raising an issue with the staff, you are advised to try using a different browser or try disabling all your add-ons to ensure that it isn't your local settings causing the problem.

Firefox Add-on "NoScript Security Suite"

One of the most common offenders causing this issue is the add-on for the Firefox browser called NoScript Security Suite. This and other similar add-ons work on the outdated assumption that blocking all running scripts on a site will protect your browsing experience. While not entirely false, a lot of websites now use scripts to display dynamic content and no longer use static pages - with the scripts blocked you will find issues with many sites across the web including Nexus Mods. If, however, you insist on using such addons you must add Nexus Mods as a trusted source of scripts to be able to use our site. Below is an image showing how to do this with NoScript v10.1.8.16. 

Allowing our sites to run scripts will reload the page and then it should function as intended. Please also note, in certain cases, we need external scripts (such as Google's reCaptcha system) to deliver content to you in a format where you can interact with it properly. When encountering an issue, you can use the 'Temporarily allow all' option for the site, which will not permanently trust the scripts but allow them to work so the site can function during this visit. Some of the scripts displayed will be from third-party advertisers, whose ads provide revenue that keeps the lights on at Nexus Mods. If you don't want to see ads, we do offer a one-off lifetime removal of adverts through our Supporter or Premium memberships

Other considerations

While this problem may not be exclusive to Firefox users, other browsers with script blocking or any kind of non-standard filtering techniques will likely cause a problem with many websites across the internet. In cases like this, staff will normally require you to go through the following troubleshooting steps before confirming an issue with our website. 

  • Try repeating the action you are having problems with in a private browser window (Incognito/InPrivate/various other names). 
  • Disable all add-ons currently running in your browser.
  • Test in a different browser (such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome).
  • Confirm your anti-virus or anti-spyware software is not overreaching and blocking content from our website.
  • Ensure your firewall settings do not block access to Nexus Mods servers or required script hosts. 
  • Check with your ISP as to specific filtering rules (such as parental blocks) they may have in place on your internet connection. 
  • In regions of the world where the local authorities restrict your access to websites and services, try using a VPN service. 

If you have exhausted the options above, please feel free to drop us an email (support@nexusmods.com) where we can look into the problem further.